maker of things

Yantin Identity System

What would the identity system for a speculative indigenous nation look like in 2015? I asked this question with the idea that history could be rewritten in a less stereotypical way. The imaginary country of Yantin is based on the South American tribes that were exterminated by colonization. It  presents a face of strength and peace, machine and craft, new and old. The system should be able to adapt into public monuments and personal life. I began this project by writing a history for this fictional nation, it's people's and cultural values. What were they like? What kind of food did they eat? What were they afraid of?

I then translated these values into modern styles by pairing hand painted textures with digital typefaces and vectored shapes. Opposites living in harmony, the elements in found in Yantin's identity system are a humble declaration of a nation's existence and survival.