big hair, big ideas, small package

Big hair, big ideas, small package


Stacie Martinez is a freelance designer/illustrator in Los Angeles, Ca. She has collaborated with non-profits, design studios, and artists in the design and production of exhibition materials, home decor, printed media, as well as web design and e-commerce ads.

She received a BFA in graphic design and a minor in illustration in 2016 from Otis College of Art and Design. Since then, she has continued staying up late dreaming about the weird connections between people and things. 

There are very many of them.


Stacie can design books, brochures, posters, and other kinds of publications. She can design full identity systems - logo/branding, business cards, letterheads, and swag. She also creates illustrations for surface patterns and products. 

She occasionally dabbles in web design and user experience design because technology is the future. She also has experience in animation - the traditional hand drawn kind, stop motion, and a bit of the digital kind.

Whatever the medium you need is, she's not afraid to work with new and different tecniques. 


Stacie loves words. When a client asks her to help them create a project, one of the first things she asks them is, What do you want your viewers to feel? 

With that one question, she then begins to form connections between your answer and hundreds of other words that relate to achieving your answer. She'll continue to listen to your project ideas, scopes, and concepts. She'll ask more questions, think, and follow up with some suggestions. 

She'll then take all of her sketches and brainstorming and make a design or many designs. More is usually better. So in short, the basic formula would be: