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Typographic Icons

We often times forget that typefaces are illustrations in their own right. Font families are filled with glyph pallets that signify emotion, speech, and ornamentation. Letterforms, too, have a unique stylistic approach that can be compared to an illustrators image making process. The relationship between image and text lead me to inquire about the usefulness of emoji's and icons. Imagine if every typeface came with it's own set of emojis!

I began this exploration by choosing a typeface with some underestimated character. If you look closely News Gothic MT has a quirky softness that appears friendly and less intimidating than it's European cousins. The subtle flares on it's letterform's terminals and narrowing at the center achieve this less rigid feeling. Oddly enough, this typeface was created at a time when the machine ruled. The industrial revolution in the United States called for factory management, mass reproduction, and cold hard metal. This contrast in purpose and personality, lead me to create a set of friendly factory icons that could be used as warning signs.  "Hey there, it would be great if you wore these goggles before those nasty splinters fly into your eyes."