YoPuedo Language Immersion APP

Education is the foundation for growth. Language is the foundation of culture. Without either, young ones will be products of mainstream understanding and practices. This is proven by the growing number of Hispanic children in the United States that don't speak Spanish. This adds to the disconnect between identity and culture and generations.  YoPuedo is an app that seeks to bridge this gap at its most influential stage: early childhood development. By incorporating gaming structure with the characteristics of a smart phone or tablet, a child will be able to explore language in the same way they explore the world around them. 

Basing the user interface on the Montessori method of teaching, I adapted this app to the natural curiosity in children that fuels their desire to learn. Moreover, this app design is made with the parent in mind. They will be able to track, save, and share their child's progress by retrieving progress reports saved within the app's archives. Below you will find the site map, some wireframes, and a promotional video I created for this application. Welcome to the new language learning system!